Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend TV

I chanced upon a TV show about hoarding this weekend.

Now I'm looking suspiciously at some piles of books and papers in my house.

The patience of the people who are helping the hoarders is amazing.

I'm pretty much a slob. My Mom tried and tried and tried to teach me otherwise, and now that I'm an adult, she seems to have mostly succeeded because I'm way less of a slob than I was as a kid. (I suppose that's pretty common.)

But I wonder if she saw that program, if she'd remember the years of yelling at me about how messy my room was and couldn't I just put things away. She tried again and again to help me organize my room and keep it neat. Yet another reason to feel sorry for my Mom having me to deal with as a teen.

But then, of course, she'd be reminded of the many times she tried to get me to turn off the TV and do my homework or something. I was a trial. (Yes, probably I still am.)

1 comment:

  1. I've watched episodes of that, and it's scary. Their houses look like my office when I'm finishing a paper!

    Like you, I was much messier as a kid than I am now: somehow having to live in MY space makes me manage it better. (Note word choice: better, not well. I'll never live in one of those minimalist houses.