Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ten Things

Stupid CNN has an article about "10 Key Pieces Every Woman Should Own." (I'm not going to link, because if you really want to, you can find it easily. But why would you want to.) The article suggests clothing stuffs.

So here, for your benefit, is Bardiac's Ten Things Every Woman Should Own:

1. A bank account. In your own name, even if you're married.

2. A Towel and a toothbrush. Just in case you decide to travel.

3. Good Walking shoes. You know, shoes you can put on and just go. In some places, sandals may be a better choice. I trust you to decide for yourself. (And if walking's a problem, then whatever works best for you to get yourself around as comfortably as possible.)

4. A library card. That is, if you're lucky enough to live in a place with a public library. Library cards are wonderful things and can give you access to lots of information. Hopefully, you'll have access to all sorts of information that you might find useful without anyone censoring it.

Okay, so it's not really ten things. It's four things. Five if you count the towel and toothbrush separately. Six if you also count each shoe or sandal separately.

It might be good to own more, but maybe not. I mean, I teethed on car keys and I have a deep and abiding love for cars, but I could easily imagine not wanting one if I were to live in a city with great public transportation.

And I feel that having a credit card gives me a sense of freedom, but it's not like credit cards are really useful everywhere, and some people are better off without.

But I own only one of the things in the CNN list (a blazer, though mine is grey not black). Clearly I'm totally inadequate as a CNN woman. I'm going to go home and drown my sorrows in lemonade or something while I sit on my deck and listen to a book on tape I borrowed from the library.


  1. I love reading a Top Ten Should list and realizing I fulfill every should. How lovely. How rare. (I'm sure it helped that there are only four, but whatever. Rejoice!)

  2. I will admit to looking for the original. This is the #2 link for my search: .

    I thought that was pretty cool. In fact, way cooler than the clothes thing. I avoid black (too many light-colored animals), never wear a watch, and wouldn't wear leopard-print anything. It's true I have the jeans, the red flats (my wedding shoes!), and the trench coat.

    But I have all of yours.

  3. http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/science/10/01/oldest.human.skeleton/

    I don't know why that link didn't show up, in my original post. Trying again. I hope I'm not repeating myself.

  4. Earnest, You win at the internet! You fulfilled my four important requirements! :)

    Peggy, Much as I love my bike (though not as much as I love my car), I don't think it's one of the really vital things that everyone needs to own. Maybe on the things that are wonderful, too, list?

    Dame Eleanor, It's hard to imagine a medieval woman in jeans. Just saying. (I have jeans, but they're 501s.) I love fossils, but I'm not getting the connection you're making.

  5. DrGunPowderPlot9:09 AM

    For an American woman, a passport. Fewer than 30% of Americans have a passport. Besides my pets, it's what I would (and did) save from a fire.

  6. wow, i totally flunk the CNN list. have teh blazer. you will see me in a leopard print scarf and red flats around the time you spot airborne porcines.

    love your list! i was going to suggest adding computer/internet access -- but many libraries offer that.

    couldn't agree more about one's own bank account -- and credit card, if only for emergencies.

  7. This may mark me as a renegade, but I think a towel and a toothbrush are important even if you don't travel.

  8. A go-to friend.

    A tool set.

    A copy of The Second Sex.

    Some ass kicker boots.

    A first aid kit.

    I'll probably think of something really witty and better later.

  9. Dr. GPP, I like the idea of a passport. Add that, please!

    Kathy A, Yeah, I'm with you on flying porcines for most of those things.

    Meg, I've always thought of you as a bit of a wild woman. :)

    Sara, Oh, a Tool Set is a GREAT idea. The only boots I want are hiking boots. Do those count?

  10. Let's see if I can reconstruct the thought process when I'm not exhausted. :-) I searched for something like "cnn pieces woman" and thought it was funny that although that did get the actual article as first choice, the second was a serious scientific article about early hominids, which seems much more interesting than the thing I wanted to find: as if my real interests somehow showed through.

    Maybe you had to be there. :-)

    And Dame Eleanor was a sensible bluestocking who, I'm sure, would have loved a pair of blue jeans if she could have got them.

  11. Hiking boots, whatever, anything that if you need to GET SOMEWHERE or GET OUT OF SOMEWHERE - will hold up.