Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Local News

The local part of the Local TV News this evening opened with the aftermath (no deaths, but a fine) of a joyride in a dumptruck and a new initiative to help pedestrians cross a local street safely (because someone was injured there once). We're just that exciting.


  1. Come on, haven't you always wanted to go joy-riding in a dump truck?

    I can remember when our local news got all fired up about cow carcass parts falling off a truck in the middle of town.

  2. My local news had a story about how a local man sent back his census form on 3 April, and then received a second census form on 5 April, and was all worried that it meant they hadn't received his first form and he didn't know if he should send the second form back again, because "reply required by law" but there's also strong print about not double-reporting.

    It was a long story, too. Interviews and such, not just a PSA.

  3. Perhaps I should live where you live. Local news here fills half the broadcast with death and violence. I don't even watch anymore. I used to live in a place where they did a story about people shooting stray dogs. It was a big deal. That was a nice place to live, too.
    They keep promising happy news, but I guess it's hard to find.

  4. my town doesn't make the news much [small place in a big metro area], but one of our banner news moments a few years ago also involved a dump truck. the brakes went out on a steep slope, and it careened downhill about a mile, finally landing in someone's living room and setting the house on fire. miraculously, no serious injuries.

  5. I was going to leave a comment but my word verification is so much more apropos:

    EXTRAH !!!! Read all about it.