Thursday, April 08, 2010

Shopping Sucks

The last time I bought pants, I blogged about it. Notice the date, January 2008.

Well, today, I was using the restroom and noticed some wear places through the bottoms, not exceedingly visible, but likely to become so at some point.

And so, I went to the store. I couldn't find the pants I bought last time, which have side pockets, perfect for carrying my wallet on one side and my reading glasses (in a case) on the other.

But I found two pairs.

I hope I don't have to go again for three years, this time.


  1. I feel your pain. My last pair of jeans that I still fit in burst a hole in the ass last week and now I'm basically pantsless. I HATE HATE HATE shopping. I am always about one step away from sitting on the floor in the middle of the store screaming to let me go home. AND I just discovered that those pants are discontinued so I can't just get more of the same. I will have to try on things. God.

  2. feeling the pain, too. when my last good jeans developed a hole, i ordered the exact same size/style/brand, and of course it was not the same fit, fabric weight, length. bleah. don't even get me started on bras.

    one of the up sides of the internet is shopping there instead of the mall. that really cuts down on desperation purchases, and there are more size/style choices for short women of a certain age and girth who still imagine they are not yet the frumpiest people on the entire planet.

    scarves, dahlinks. they are gorgeous, they always fit, and maybe nobody will notice the rest of the outfit. ;)

    my word verification, i kid you not, is "goweepu"

  3. Oh, shopping definitely sucks. I have a friend who will accompany me to the mall and pick everything out for me (and she picks out things I like too) and who will enjoy doing it, but I still don't shop, even with a personal shopper. Sigh.