Friday, April 02, 2010

Grading Queen of Spring

Two weeks ago, there was this. The crocus were starting to bloom, and this was looking like a tiny blue pineapple.

And now the tiny blue pineapple is becomming a flower, a grape hyacinth even. It's still pretty tiny, but it's there!

On March 15th, the crocus were looking promising, and the daffodils were just starting to come out of the ground.

And today, the daffodil blooms are opened up! It's really looking like spring!

I did a bunch of grading yesterday, and I'm going to do a smaller bunch today, to finish up the second pile, and then I'm going away for a couple days. For once, I procrastinated a bit less than I could have, and I'm feeling a lighter load as a result.

Hurray for spring!


  1. Great pics. I love how everything changes so quickly in the Spring.

  2. I think you need to do my gardening. Seriously. ASAP.

    I love these pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

  3. I had grape hyacinths come up in my front garden this week even though I've never planted them. Very cute. And I planted pansies this afternoon in wind so strong it sent lawn chairs and buckets flying across the yard. They're small pansies, but they make me happy.

  4. Thanks, Cam :)

    Thanks, Earnest! I'd be happy to share rhizomes and such if we can figure out how :) I use a Canon EOS Rebel that I got before I went to Japan.

    Bev, Oh, I love pansies, but I'm far too lazy to plant them every year!