Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cash Crop

If dandelions were a cash crop, I'd be a lot less worried about retirement savings. I have a most excellent crop. Yes, I know you can eat them, but I could probably feed the whole department, and I don't think most people really want to eat dandelion greens.

I went in to the human resources folks today and adjusted the amount that goes to my 403b. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what it will cost to retire.

I went around the yard today and took some more spring flower pictures. The crocuses are done as are the Glory of the Snow flowers, just about. The daffodils aren't far behind.

There are only a few tiny Forsythia flowers left. Forsythia are difficult for me to photograph because my plants live in cages to keep the rabbits out. Anything not in a cage that's edible pretty much gets eaten. You can see the shadow of the chicken wire in the background here.

When you stop to take a close up of a flower, the least little wind becomes an issue. I hadn't noticed the wind much until I started to take pictures, but it added complications.

I have a little Hawthorne tree in my yard. The thorn part is for real. Why didn't I think about that before I put it in? That's the downside. The upside is that it has little pink flowers that look lovely. (And, I've been told, birds like the fruit.) It looks like these are next in line to bloom.

The dogwood are getting ready, too. The red bark is really noticable in winter and spring, as you can see here.

And finally, the Tamarack are getting some new cones ready and greening up fast this spring.

I saw the first cowbird of the season in my yard today, too.

And just in case you're not sure why your allergies are acting up this spring? I'm guessing my pines are contributing their share.

ps. Have you noticed that if you try "preview" it doesn't really show you what things will look like? The distortion is even bigger if you've got pictures.

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