Sunday, February 22, 2009

Terminally Cute

My weekend visitor. She's maybe 6 months old.

For a pup, pretty much everything has play value. Everything. I'd sort of forgotten this, after having an aging dog for many years.

I think my blood pressure has probably dropped by 20 points just from laughing at her antics, playing, and petting those soft ears. However, my work hasn't gotten done at all.

Edited to add: I tuckered the puppy out! We played stick "chase and chew" out in the yard for about 40 minutes, and she's been sleeping for the past hour or so, that hard puppy sleep: she's plopped in her kennel snoring. Want to bet that within the next hour, she'll wake up more mischievous than before?


  1. After I got my puppy, I noticed that it is a lot harder to get work done! Good luck!

  2. Definitely makes me miss my dogs!

  3. tres cute! tres distracting!