Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grading Party

Sometimes it really helps to get together with some friends to sit and grade. It's hard, though, because you have to find folks who have reasonbly similar levels of interruptability and focus. It doesn't work if one person wants to talk the whole time and someone else is wanting total silence.

Today worked really well for me. We met at the local Frontier bookstore (and cafe), and I got four good solid hours of grading in, and lunch (we took a break and went down the street). But it barely made a dent in the grading. I did a lot, but couldn't bring myself to completion on most things. It's frustrating when you work hard for a chunk of Saturday and it barely shows.

The stacks and the scores:

Poetry papers - about 1/4 done
Drama papers - about 1/3 done
Comp papers - not even started
Comp journals - DONE!!!! (but this was a tiny stack)
Comp peer editing - 3/4 done

SAA thing - tomorrow!

And that doesn't count prepping for classes or committee responsibilities. The poetry and drama papers are near the shamefully late to return mark, but I just got the comp stack yesterday.

BUT, I finished a big chunk of my committee responsibilities for one committee this week, and it went well.

I need to either get back to work now or take a nap. One way or the other, the first two stacks need to get finished.

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  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    I'm impressed with the amount you've accomplished. I graded *one* paper this weekend and never went back to do the rest. Oops!