Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Poem Quiz

Here goes: What poem am I teaching today?


  1. My Last Duchess!

    I love this game.

  2. Darn, Serena beat me to it. I like the utterly noncommittal expression on the Count's agent's face.

  3. As one who is preparing to take his candidacy exams I am pleased to get it right, but I also had an immediate pang of fear: "It's my last duchess... or, wait: what if it is really a Wyatt poem I haven't read? Or Sidney? Or Shakespeare? Or Jonson? Or Donne? There's still so much I have never read!"

    I am pleased to see that my first instinct was correct and that my panic, in this case, was unfounded.

  4. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I thought the same thing as JW--"Oh, I know that one...wait, maybe I don't! Oh no!" Ah, paranoia of being under-read.

    BTW< I like your blog a lot. [I surfed in randomly from someone's blogroll, in case you were wondering...]

  5. These quizzes do wonders for my ego. It was a wonderful feeling to see your drawing and think, "So... a king, a woman looking through red curtains, and... another dude." It gets even better when I read the answer and realize I've never heard of the thing, let alone have any context for it.

    Ah, the vast amounts of literature I've yet to read...

  6. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Was relieved to "get" this right away since this is the first time I've played! Fun! (And nice crown there...)

  7. I knew that one, too! And I love that poem.

  8. Ding, ding, Serena wins an internet kudu! Congrats!

    Fretful, Thank you. It's rare that someone recognizes the true effort and artistry that goes into my stick figures. :)

    JW, Ahhh, you haven't seen anything until you've seen my rendition of Wyatt's "Whoso List to Hunt"! You'll know it when you see it!

    Steph, Thanks :)

    J. Harker, I'm pretty sure Browning didn't write in the 3rd century BCE, so you don't have to fret. Besides the Iliad, I never know the works you talk about on your blog. ps. Are you implying my crown looks too monarchal rather than ducal? Dang, I never could remember who gets which pointy parts. :(

    Ink, Thank you :) I was very proud of the crown for a whole 30 seconds!

    Susan, Yes, that's about as great a teaching poem as there can be!

  9. Now you've got me looking forward to your "Whoso list." We nondramatic types don't get a lot of artistic renderings. (But have you seen THIS?:)