Monday, February 16, 2009


I went for my first bike ride since Thanksgiving weekend today! It was pretty cold, and I didn't go very far, but boy oh boy is it way better than running!

It felt really awkward at first, clipping in, feeling the bike move under me (which it doesn't do on the trainer), and then there was the cold (supposedly it's 34F!).

There's a men's pro bike race in California this week; they were showing it on tv a bit yesterday, and it looked really rainy and nasty. So, biking today, I realized that I have two huge advantages for riding in the cold over those pro racers. Now, I know it sounds weird to say that I have advantages, but I'm serious.

First, they go way fast, so you know the wind chill thing has to just be horrid. There's a huge difference between the way a cold wind feels at 14 mph and the way it feels at 30. Advantage Bardiac!

Second, two words: body fat. They have none, and I have some. Advantage Bardiac!

I've also decided that I go just as fast on hills as they do. The difference is that it's their uphill speed matching my downhill speed.

I was so happy to go riding. It felt good! I'm so full of joy.

(And I'm also very pleased that I don't have to go when it's rainy and miserable out, like the pros do. Advantage Bardiac!)


  1. Go Bardiac! The CA bike race starts in our town later this week, but since I have office hours, I won't see it.

  2. Yay!! The first ride of what I hope is a great riding season.

  3. woo hoo! the radio station tried to interview Famous Racer before the start yesterday. FR declined to say how he felt about riding in the rain, because he'd have to use bad words.

  4. Way to go! BTW there was a women's race too--the initial plan was for a stage race but it became a criterium. The NY Times had a decent article on it, featuring a team that has six riders with postgraduate degrees. Best quotation: “Brooke wrote her thesis on banana slugs, so we get a lot of information about mating habits of banana slugs. You know, just the usual stuff you talk about around the table.”

  5. woot, go slugs!

    UC santa cruz's mascot is the banana slug. but they are found all over the northern coastal region, and are pretty cool slugs.

  6. And sure, they're fast and svelte. But could they scan iambs? Doubtful...
    (BTW- I always hear iambs when I pedal... nerd alert!)

  7. I'mso jealous! It's way too cold these days here in NYC to bike. Soon.....