Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quiz Time

What poem did I teach in class today?

(I showed this to a colleague, and he showed me his drawing of a Wordsworth poem. And a Blake poem. From our drawings, it's quite obvious why we're not teaching art.)


  1. Ozymandias?

    I drew a stick-figure crucifixion last week. I wonder whether any of the course evals will accuse me of blasphemy...

  2. I got it too! Although I never imagined the traveler in Ozymandias wearing a bowler hat :)

    (Seriously, though: he's from an 'ancient land'. Shouldn't he be wearing mysterious robes or something?)

  3. Yay you guys! You win internet kudus!

    I like the stick figure crucifixion. Have you seen the Lego bible thing? It's GREAT!

    I guess I just think of hats as travel-ish somehow? I didn't think of it as a bowler, but just a hat... hmmmm. Maybe it's Professor Jones! Yeah, and there's a hidden secret to the trunkless legs?

  4. ps. He IS wearing mysterious robes! It's just hard to tell on a stick figure! You have to use your imagination :)

  5. Not to be pathetic...well, actually, to be pathetic, nut I can't resist:

    I got it.

    Which is as sad as anything that's ever happened on a playground.

  6. We need to embrace our nerdliness! This playground is all about the pleasures of learning and reading and fun!

  7. Extra credit: find the poem itself in a public space in Joliet, Illinois.

  8. The robes are so mysterious that they are invisible! That's the mystery!