Thursday, December 18, 2008

Running on Empty

I went to bed this morning but couldn't sleep. I was fretting too much about the grading I have to do. I tried my basic sleep strategies (which are pretty basic). It didn't work, so I finally gave up at about 4am and graded. And it was good that I did, because I've now given back two classes worth of material, and it feels GOOD!

I have a final to grade and some more papers.

And in just under an hour, I need to go to a meeting that's scheduled for 5 hours.

I'm too old for this all-nighter thing anymore.

I wasn't always too old, but now I am. The first class I ever taught by myself was a summer school writing class that met for only 8 weeks, and we were expected to have the class write 8 full essays, including peer review and revision for all of them (except revision for the final one). That whole class, I'd get a set of papers on Wednesday morning, then grade pretty much all night, prep some for the next day, and go in and turn things back. I wish I could pull that off now. Dang, that would be impressive.

But my class was a remarkably sane size, and that helped. And it was summer, and we were all just piling things in to get them done.

I'm pleased with a couple things I've accomplished this semester, especially in terms of some assignments and how they worked. I'm less pleased with my writing. And more pleased again with my social life.

Everyone was hacking and sneezing and coughing during the final this morning. My endless cold is rising again; it's been up and down since early November, not bad enough to really whine about, but stupidly going on and on.

Can the semester be over soon, please?

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  1. Srsly, if you have a lingering what-the-farkle-is-going-on-why-can't-I-shake-this-cold thing going on, you should get some (store brand) Chlortrimeton (sp?)--can be had way cheap in drugstore, big-box stores everywhere, and might just put a halt to that thing and let you rest fully and recharge fully in the coming break. Consider it.