Monday, December 29, 2008


I've got a number of projects lined up for the break, from taking down a couple of overgrown, nasty bushes to prepping classes, and in between.

I'm working on a paper on one of Chaucer's tales. I thought it partly through when I was teaching it during the semester, but didn't have time to really follow through.

I agreed to read some papers for a conference.

And my offices (home and school) need to be cleaned out. (And I need to set out all the tax information so I can get that done if possible.)

The bushes, ugh. I've been wanting them out for over a year, but when I got back in June, it looked like there were a couple catbirds nesting in there, and I didn't want to disturb them. I don't see anything nest-looking now that the leaves are gone, though, so maybe not. Anyway, these are in front of the house, and just a pain in the rear. They're overgrown, and difficult to deal with. They make mowing difficult, and one comes out over the walk to the front door, and it just looks unwelcoming. And it makes shoveling the walk a pain.

I started out yesterday, using clippers to cut some of the thinner branch thingies away, so I could get at the heavier stuff with a saw. And I got more than half the branches sawn off and taken away before I gave up from being cold and tired. I figure another couple days to finish the job, and then in spring I can either dig them up or hire a friend's son to dig. And then I'll probably put in a small tree, maybe a small cherry or something that won't feel overpowering but will give some interest to the area.

Today, I got a couple small tasks done: haircut, banking, books to the library, book orders in. I wrote an email to the faculty member directing a play on campus this semester; I'm going to have my drama class read the play, and I'm inviting this faculty member to come talk to them if s/he'd like.

I also bought a pair of running shoes and a pair of walk around shoes. Yes, running shoes. I need to start getting outside and getting at least some exercise, so I'm going to start walking/running a bit. At least that's the plan, if this cold ever goes away.

I'm pretty much decided that I'll sign up for a guided bike tour through Yellowstone in early spring, so I need to make sure I'm in decent shape for it.


  1. "The bushes, ugh. I've been wanting them out for over a year"--I thought you were going to an entirely different place and much more political place with that comment and didn't expect the catbirds at all, not at all.

  2. LOL, the other ones I've been wanting out for almost 8 years. More if you count desperately not wanting them in in the first place.

    But I think going after them with clippers and a saw would get me in trouble!

  3. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Hey B,

    If you're going to be in Yellowstone, give me a holler! I live 3 hours west of Yellowstone.