Wednesday, December 03, 2008


One of the schools up here has decided to adopt a new mascot.

I vote for Snowflakes.

I just think it catches the spirit of six months of the year up here, especially months when school's in session.

And it gives a sense of one of the major features of many folks around here, our whiteness--a place where three Lutheran churches at a major intersection counts as diversity.

Just imagine, the cheers!

Fear the fighting 'Flakes!

All your snow base are belong to us!

May the 'Flakes be with you!

There would be other advantages, too. For example, the football team could use the "blizzard" instead of the "blitz." Other teams wouldn't know what hit them.

And every student would be unique and special!


  1. that's a great proposal! well thought out, too!

    the official mascot of University of California at Santa Cruz is: the banana slug. and they are proud of it. i believe that Leland Stanford Jr. University boasts a tree, assumed to be redwood.

    both those mascots were adopted in recent decades, meaning they are more current than various other mascots. [seriously -- did the old boys at the university of $spoiled children know that their teams would one day be known as a leading condom brand?]

  2. Snowflakes aren't vicious enough, though. Nobody's ever scared of a snowflake, but wolverines (for example) can be scary.

  3. Frankfort, Indiana's high school is the home of the Fighting Hot Dogs!

    I like snowflakes, but I can think of plenty of things for the opposing team to chant/yell back.

  4. Love this post! Thanks for a good laugh at the end of the day!

  5. ...and if you happen to follow another 'blog on academia, that term is highly representative of our charges, wherever they enroll themselves. An apt term, I think, and so a fitting mascot. Truth in advertising, what?

  6. Anonymous8:11 AM

    I like this idea!

    My favorite mascot ever is that of Delta State University: the Fighting Okra.

  7. Does anyone else want to see the Banana Slugs face off with the Hot Dogs as much as I do? Or the Fighting Okra?

    Okra actually is pretty scary stuff, too. (Though yummy when cooked by someone who's good at it.)

    And given some of the accidents caused by snowflakes, I think they're quite viscious enough!

  8. interesting how the banana slugs brag of having "no known predators," but the hot dogs and okra both needed to put "fighting" into their titles.

    then again, the slugs don't have a football team. the t-shirts feature a book-reading banana slug, with the slogan "fiat slug."

  9. this is just so freakish -- i swear i have not been talking to my daughter about this blog or this post. she just called from her college in oregon, an entirely different state, and said there is a craft fair, and would dad like a carving of a banana slug for christmas? well, yeah! who wouldn't?