Monday, December 01, 2008

My Idea of Hell

I have four hours of meetings scheduled for tomorrow. One starting at 8am, then three in a row.

That doesn't count teaching or office hours, which are anything but hellish in my eyes.

But meetings...

I'm thinking hard about not running for re-election for a thing next year, and if I don't that will automatically eliminate an average of two to three hours of meetings a week. (I'd change to more in-department service, but that rarely means weekly meetings or as many committees and sub-committees.)


  1. I resigned my position as "instructional leader"--the replacement position instituted after they guttered any real authority department chairs wielded in my school--four years ago, and I have rarely been happier in my career. I have the requisite monthly faculty meeting but none other unless I choose to attend. That was my first motivation; I must say, though, the greatest blessing has been losing all responsibility for building, lobbying for and maintaining the department's budget. Gad! That responsibility gripped me from November through March each year ON TOP of the meetings...*shudder* Never again. Never.

  2. Oh, no. Starting at 8 AM no less. So your meetings are essentially an extra preparation, right? Unless you really like the work you do, not doing extra thing sounds like a good idea!