Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Right now, I can't help wondering how anyone who grows up in this area hasn't lost the tips of all their fingers to frostbite by age 18.

I've been digging out the driveway, but I gave up to rewarm my fingers. I don't mind digging it out, not at all, but I do mind pain, and my fingers were hurting from the cold. I have big thick gloves, but they were still hurting. So I'm rewarming them. The rest of me was toasty warm, just my fingers were really cold.

It's maybe 2F here right now; that's what it says on one of the computer thingies, anyway. And for me, 2F is really, really cold. I realize that for true northerners, this is practically sunbathing weather, but I'm made for warmth. Seriously, Malaysia last year was pretty close to perfect, hot, humid, and warm enough to want to have bare feet. (Though I didn't, because of cultural and leech considerations.) I'm the one person I know who's pretty happy to be out in 95 degree weather, humidity or not.

It snowed last night, and my driveway is already icy, so I really need to dig it out so it can de-ice a bit. I hesitate to salt my drive, but I may decide to, because it's really slippery. (In which case I have to be dug out enough to drive to the store to get the salt. Or I have to use kosher salt, which just seems wrong.)

Fortunately, about an hour before bed last night, my coughing dropped off significantly, as did my sinus nastiness, and it's even better today. I woke up feeling postitively good, with only a touch of throat soreness, which went away after a bit of coffee and water. I was a little worried that being out digging in the cold would make me feel lousy again, but so far, except for the fingers, I'm good.

And typing seems to get the fingers warmed up pretty well, so I'd better go back and dig some more!

Can winter be done now, please?


  1. The secret to warm fingers is mittens. Gloves do absolutely no good. Yeah, you don't have as much (or any) fine-motor movement with mittens, but you don't really need that for shoveling. I'm telling you -- mittens are the only way to go for warmth.

    So while you're out for salt, get some mittens. :) Happy new year! You're one day closer to spring!

  2. I must admit, my kosher salt has come in handy more than once during winter weather. :)

  3. Oh, I like hot & humid too. Why is it that those of us who could live in the tropics get cold northern jobs, and vice versa?