Sunday, August 10, 2008

Things I've learned recently

I drove by a local wings restaurant the other day, coincidentally on one of the regular weekly "biker" events. As I drove by, I suddenly realized that the bikers they were attracting weren't wearing much lycra. I had been thinking of going sometime, but I don't think my road bike will impress all the guys on Harleys.

I went to the local observatory for the "open to the public" viewing tonight. I think I've actually found a group of people (in the local astronomy club) who are geekier than the people in my department. It was almost scary.

I think the ancient Greeks had some powerful mind-altering chemicals in their systems when they were identifying the constellations as Pegasus, Sagitarius, and so forth. I'm lucky to make out the big dipper, but you just can't convince me that Perseus is up there with the Medusa's head.

I did get to see the stripes on Jupiter, the shadow of the side of a crater on the Moon, and another galaxy (well, they said it was another galaxy). Also the Milky Way, the North star, and lots of other stars. There's a lot to be said for geekiness, especially when the geeks have cool telescope toys and do show and tell with the stars.

My legs are more tired than seems right for 24 miles.

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