Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Weekend Biking Report

I went shopping this weekend, mostly at LandsEnd, but also at the bike shop, where I got some biking tights. Now, lycra and spandex aren't usually textiles I favor (because they don't favor me, to be honest) but it was so cold the other day that I gave in. Shockingly, I tried on two sizes, and fit the lesser size, something that's not at all common in my life. It's equally shocking that I actually tried on clothes, because I absolutely HATE trying on clothes. But at least it was easier with just me, not having to "model" what I was trying on for someone else's opinion.

To celebrate, more or less, I went for a ride, and it was the kind of glorious day outside that makes me full of joy, glad to be alive, grateful to be able to get outside and ride around. I did 20 miles in 1:18, which, for those of us doing the math, makes an average speed of just under 15 mph. My target lately has been 15 mph, but I hadn't done if for a full 20 miles since I got my bike computer put on (thanks to some friends) in August (and before that, I didn't really measure or time myself so much). The last five miles just rocked; I felt good and pushed hard!

I've never been the kind of person who's all hot on exercising or doesn't feel good if she doesn't exercise every day. But I think that's changing, and I'm rather shocked. I think it's a combination of getting outside, getting fresh air, seeing some nature, and maybe a little getting exercise. But I've been really trying since last year, for all those middle-aged health reasons.

The result? I passed 500 miles on my bike's computer this weekend (outdoor miles; it measures from my front wheel, so doesn't record the inside trainer thing). And I'm probably in the best shape I've been in since I was in my early 20s. I'm amazed. And tired in a good way.


  1. Good for you! We haven't gone out since it started getting cold, and I think that's just sort of a cop-out on our part.

  2. This post has me all inspired to go riding before things start up tomorrow...I had neglected my bike for about a month and just started riding to things last week (freakishly sunny weather) and my mood has magically lifted. I agree, it's part exercise, part something else.

  3. Woo-hoo! 15 MPH and 500 miles are awesome!

  4. There's something about the rewards we get from regular exercise...we can't really measure them each day, but ultimately we can look back and identify the milestones (500 of them!). Way to go!