Sunday, November 12, 2006

Election Returns

I've been slow to talk about the election returns because I'm of two minds. Most of the candidates I voted for (or would have voted for if I'd lived in the right area) got elected, and I'm happy about that, especially for one or two local candidates. But I'm also not thrilled because the Democrats barely control the House and Senate; they don't have enough control to override a veto or get anything really important done, but they've got enough control to be blamed when nothing happens during the next two years.

The ballot initiatives, referenda, and amendments worry me. My adopted state passed a horrific amendment to name marriage as only between a man and a woman, AND to deny that any non-marital relationships would be treated equally. Basically, that means that not only does the state deny gays and lesbians marriage, but it opens up the possibility that the state could be sued for allowing partner benefits.

Weeks like this, I want to run away and join the circus, preferably a liberally-oriented, friendly circus. Unfortunately, I'm guessing the only circus skill I really have would involve shovels and the wrong ends of the elephants and horses. I suppose I could also get eaten by a lion, but the career options there seem foreshortened.

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