Friday, November 17, 2006

This is a good idea (NOT)

The Bush administration has appointed Eric Keroak to head up the federal Office of Population Affairs. That's the office that's supposed to help women with family planning.

The problem? Seems the guy doesn't believe in contraception. Or pre-marital sex. [I'm guessing he doesn't believe that lesbians and gays should ever be allowed to have sex outside Massachusetts (and then only when legally married).]

News link to CNN (may be time sensitive).

And here's Yahoo's version of the event (also likely to be time sensitive).

And here's what Planned Parenthood thinks.

So the family planning thing? Are we supposed to "plan" for lots of babies, whether we want them or not?

This sort of thing infuriates me. Not that anyone in the administration cares what I think, obviously.

I sent off a check to Planned Parenthood early this month, and got back a nice note. It was more than I could really afford, sort of, but I feel like things are going badly (socially, I mean), and these folks have my back, so to speak.

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