Sunday, August 07, 2022

Yes, Retiring!

Since a couple of people kindly asked, yes, indeed, I'm planning to retire during summer of 2023.

As to what I'll do when I retire?  I learned when I had sabbatical that I'll never be bored, so there's that.  

My local nature center has a bird banding program which I worked on during sabbatical.  I'd like to become way more involved.  I really liked the people, and the birds are endlessly fascinating.  I'd like to bird more, and since spring and fall are the best birding times around here, I haven't been able to much for a couple of years.

Some depends on covid etc.  In my dreams, I've always traveled a lot when I retire.  Will covid mean that's not really possible?

My dream travel: get an air bnb or something for a month or two in different places: a month in Barcelona, a month in Porto, a month in someplace in Italy, someplace in southern Germany, and so forth.  The idea would be to be away for two or three months, then come back and relax at home, then recharge, and off again.

Where's home?  That's a great question.  I really enjoy my house.  You may remember when I posted about having my old rug taken out, and then having hardwood floors put in.  Then the hardwood floors being darker made the house feel dark and sort of cave-like, so I picked new colors and a friend painted the interior for me (for pay, of course).  The thing is, every time I look at the yellow, I smile.  It's just happy.  The floors are beautiful, the house is very live-able, I love the colors.  Yes, it's too big, and yes we have winter.  But it's also fully paid off, so my expenses are real estate taxes, maintenance, and utilities.  Less than you might think.

But then, maybe I want to move back to where I'm from?  That's not clear at this point.  It's way expensive there.  But there's good weather year round, and family in the area, which I really enjoy.

We'll see.

If covid makes travel really untenable, then I may get a dog...


  1. Your plans sound exciting! I had the "should I move back to where I'm from?" thought but I like our house & hardwood floors (we got them done when you did), so no.

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    I think in your shoes, I would remain where you are, or at least keep your home as a base to return to. I would want to keep the relationships I've enjoyed where I am and the systems that I've had-- doctors, service providers, familiar grocery store, etc.

    And I would foster a dog, so that if travel is still untenable in 2023, I would still have the option of traveling a lot in 2028.

    Good luck! I'm far from retiring, but it's fun to think about what I might do when I get there.

  3. Wow! How did we get to this point? I could retire, but I am just not ready for it. I didn't think I'd be this person, but I'd rather keep working.

  4. Those sound like amazing retirement plans! Maybe just Airbnb your house while you're gone? Or rent to traveling nurses? I agree having a home base is a good plan and I wouldn't want to move away from the community I've created over the past however many years.