Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Emptying the BardiacShack

As I've posted before, I'm getting new hardwood floors in part of the BardiacShack.  That means I have to empty out about half of the main floor, and put everything either in the basement or in the areas that are tiled.

This is the empty living room (the last picture was taken at night to avoid some of the window glare from afternoon sun).  I'm thinking next year, I may paint a new color...  (taking suggestions, please!) (The floor folks are going to move the heaviest of the furniture, which includes empty bookshelves.)

Here's a view of my home office.  I'm the only academic I know who actually has plenty of bookshelf space at home.  (There's a case behind the door on the right, and additional cases in the master bedroom, a bedroom downstairs, and the great room.)

This last is my red room, which is where a lot of stuff is piled.  There's also more in the dining area.  And in the basement.  (I put plastic over the windows in the red room during winter, and haven't taken them off yet...)

Editing to add a few more empty house photos:


  1. Bardiac, you are speaking my language! I've been doing this same thing for the past month (moving, emptying shelves, etc. in preparation for hardwood) & feel your mingled excitement and maybe a little weariness.

  2. It's exciting! I hope your project is going well, too!

  3. The red oak floors here now are in & finished & beautiful. Now if my appliances would only quit breaking, I'd be all set! Good luck with your installation.

    1. How exciting! Are you going to put up a pic on your blog? (please!)