Friday, June 16, 2017

Progress: Floors and Summer Projects

As of last night, the floors are laid, sanded, and stained.  At this moment, the floor folks are putting on the second coat of finish.  Then it dries for the weekend, and on Monday, they'll come put up baseboards and such.  It looks every bit as good as I hoped!

In other progress, here's what I had to do, with the done parts stricken out.

Now I need to finish a third hurry-up project, and then I can begin the real summer projects!

1.  Studying Victorian lit and culture  (I should probably make a whole list for this!)
2.  Repainting some woodwork on the back, outside of the house.  (Last year I did some in the front of the house.)
3.  Finishing a paper and sending it out.

And some other projects, small and large:

1.  Learning the next violin song.  (and working on shifting, vibrato, and double stops)
2.  Planting my garden (yep, it still isn't in.  Maybe tomorrow...)
3.  Updating hard drives.
4.  Getting rid of some old electronics stuff (after checking the hard drive and emptying it...  I hope!)
5.  Doing a book of pictures for my friends' kid's third birthday
6.  Making all my reservations for the UK

I've made MOST of my reservations for the UK. 
Hotels for August before birding and December (for the British Library)
Between Birding and Starting << suggestions?  I'll be in Scotland for birding, near Cairngorms National Park.  Should I go to Glasgow?  Inverness?  (I've been to Edinburgh, and while it's wonderful, I'd like to see something new.)

In the violin world, at my last lesson, my teacher agreed that I'm ready to start memorizing and working towards my Book 3 test.

So, lot's to do this weekend, and then in the coming week, I get to move back into the rest of my house!


  1. This is probably rude to ask, but would you be willing to share the cost of your flooring adventure? We are getting ready to do major rehab and your flooring looks beautiful. Kind of makes me want hardwood floors downstairs. (We have them upstairs and in the library, but it would be great to have them where we currently have really ugly 1970 tile.) It might not be the best idea to have them in the main kitchen area, but in the dining room and walkway, I'd love it.

  2. What do you want of your Scottish post-birding visit? City and museum stuff, or something quintessentially Scottish?

    For a smaller city Stirling might be worth thinking about - the castle is stunning, the town is a great size to walk around with lovely views, and it's only around an hour from Glasgow or Edinburgh by train. And Bannockburn, if medieval battlefields are your thing, is just on the outskirts.

    If you haven't been to Culloden, it's a very atmospheric experience, and just outside Inverness - and take in the Clava Cairns whilst you're at it for a different atmosphere!

    Or for something different what about Berwick and the Hadrian's Wall area? The wall is really stunning...

  3. The floors are gorgeous! We love our hardwood floors - I wish they'd run those into the bedrooms instead of leaving the parquet there but at least the woodtones are identical so they don't look bad together.

    I'm so excited about your UK planning. I'll be vicariously following along as I still can't go anywhere much for (family) reasons.

  4. Beautiful floors! I posted a pic of mine since you had asked before.
    Excited to hear about your Scotland trip, too!