Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Retirement Meeting

I had a meeting with one of our HR folks about retirement stuff, making sure I understand what I need to understand, when to do things, and so on.  It was really good.

I found out approximately what my state pension will pay every month, and even better, learned how the very generous state sick-leave policy works in retirement.  Basically, if you're lucky enough not to need to take a lot of sick days, then the value of the unused sick days gets moved to pay for health insurance.  It pays for the group insurance until you hit 65 and get Medicare, and after that pays for the Medicare B part, until it runs out.  Mine will run out when I'm about 80, so that's pretty darned good.

Having read blogs for a longish time now, I have a feeling that the most interesting blogs are about someone's life in transition: grad school, new professor, new parent, and so on.  So I'm sort of hoping I'll feel a bit revitalized her as I transition into retirement.



  1. Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life8:45 PM

    Does this mean you've been accruing sick leave that's been rolled over for years? Sounds like it was a substantial amount of leave if it'll cover your premiums for so long.

  2. Yes. I've been accruing sick leave for 20+ years, and have been very rarely ill, usually a day or two a year. And the state has a generous policy for turning accrued sick leave into insurance premiums.