Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wrapping up the Semester

I've finished grading, finally.

I get frustrated by the late stuff that comes in, even legitimately (because of, say, health problems).  I don't blame the student, but it's a pain to have extra stuff to grade at the last minute.

And then it seems there's always one class where there's a problem, some confusion.  This year it's an exam.  I can't find a student's exam.  And I can't remember if the student was at the final, but zie is one of those students who didn't miss a single class during the semester.  And the exam is in two parts, and I have neither part.  And the student hasn't emailed.

So now instead of submitting grades tonight, I'm going to go to campus in the morning and search my office to see if somehow I dropped it in there.  If not, I'll send the student an email.  (I've already searched the room where I was grading. 

If I were missing one part, I'd be convinced I'd misplaced the other.  But it seems unlikely that I'd missplace both parts, doesn't it?

But this student is very responsible.  I hope zie is okay, and wasn't hurt in an accident or something.


  1. Patty6:30 AM

    I've had that happen to me.... I'm guessing that if the student was there, you'd have at least one part of the exam.

    The quandry for me came when the student "found" the exam in their bag later... I ended up accepting it because they'd been fantastic, but I was pretty sure they got away with cheating... and didn't like that part at all. Of course, this was a logic exam that has objective answers the student could get if they were able to work on it outside of class..

  2. I've lost exams before. The last time that happened, I had them do the exams online. Then during exam period, they did presentations. It worked out nicely and I NEVER lost another exam. I can't keep up with paper and never could. I hate paper.

    And for my own sanity, I never accept anything late during the last week of class. I tell them this in the syllabus and remind them every week. NO LATE WORK THE LAST WEEK OF CLASS for any reason, not even an emergency. Period. Tough. If a student is doing well, one zero from an assignment missed for a so-called emergency won't cause them to fail the class.

    Have a very merry Christmas and a great start to 2013.