Monday, December 17, 2012

A Quiz for Finals Week!

This is a tough one, so take your time.


1)  I got an email from a student this morning.  S/he had sent it at about 1am.  I responded at about 6:40am.

Which person in this correspondence fell asleep in many meetings of a 9am class?

a)  The Professor
b)  The Student

2)  Our department is having a Christmas potluck today.  The department has about 35 people, about half men, and half women.  As of Friday, how many men had signed up to bring food to the potluck (of the 15 or so sign ups)?

a)  2
b) 6
c) 10

3)  Of these male sign ups, how many actually required heating the food in any way?

a)  0
b)  1
c)  4

4)   On the last day of classes, yours truly had how many hours of meetings?

a)  No one would be stupid enough to schedule meetings for the last day of classes!
b)  1
c)  2
d)  3

Bonus Question!

How many men will show up and eat at the Christmas potluck?

Post your answers below!  The winner gets a postcard from some exotic place.  (Unless you're in England, then you probably won't consider it an exotic place.)  (And assuming I remember.  Don't I owe someone a postcard even now?)


  1. 1 a
    2 a
    3 a
    4 d

    Bonus? 12 (based on my experience that some will scarper off campus as much as they can despite the free food)

  2. 1. B
    2. B
    3. B
    4. D (Sadly)
    5. N-1?*

    Also, you will be preparing Christmas potluck food in the midst of grading hell at 11 the night before and wondering why we do this again?

  3. 1) B
    2) A
    3) A
    4) D
    Bonus) 10.

  4. 1)B
    3) A
    BONUS: 8 (my dept would have somewhat depressed attendance at this time of year)

  5. 1) B
    2) A
    3) A
    4) D
    Bonus: 12

  6. Where are the answers?