Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Last night I had a dream that I was hanging out with another blogger (I'm not quite sure who), and for some reason, Jo(e) was going to be about, and the other blogger told me, and Jo(e) in my dream is actually sort of local, but somehow wasn't supposed to know that I'm a blogger, too.  And we were driving around.  But there were no naked pictures.

Weird, eh?

In my dream, Jo(e) was just as fun as she seems in her blog (we've never met). 

In other news, I'm happy to be home.

I got an email from the missing student, and it turned out zie is fine, and things will work out.  I'm happy about that, and very relieved that zie wasn't in some horrible accident.

I did finish reading Shapiro's 1599, which I enjoyed and found impressive, if a bit frustrating at times (because I'm so used to academic structure, that I really wanted source information in the text more than it was, rather than in a bibliographic essay.  But I'm sure this is much more comfortable for some readers.)

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  1. She IS as fun as she seems on her blog! I can say that because now I live near her. Maybe you were dreaming you were me? (Ditto no naked pictures, in case you're wondering.)