Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quiz Answers!

1)  b, of course.  This student fell asleep in class, sitting in the middle of the front row, pretty much once or twice a week (it's a five hour/week class).  Perhaps not surprisingly, this student revealed an active gaming life at one point.

2)  a.  Yes, two men had signed up.

3)  b.  One of the men brought a heated chip dip, though he did reveal that his wife made it.

4)  c.  So, yes, it could have been worse.  Nonetheless, two hours too many.

Bonus question.  I lost count.  But, that's partly because there were a lot of retirees there, too.  And life partners. 

We have one lovely couple (well, there's more than one) with one partner in the department; the other partner is charming and delightful, and baked a yummy pumpkin treat with pumpkins they'd grown in their garden.  And several of the retirees brought food, too.  And some people who hadn't signed up when I saw the sign up on Friday brought food.  So I lost count.

No one got all the answers right, alas.  But, since you were all good sports about participating, I will haply send you postcards!  Drop me your mail address to:  bardiacblogger@yahoo.com, and I'll pop some cards in the mail!

Having the retirees there made me realize that I'm now one of the oldsters in the department.


  1. Shane in Utah8:22 AM

    Ugh. I detest potlucks. I'm a picky vegetarian, and usually can't eat most of what other people bring. And I resent the pressure to bring something myself, especially since my kitchen skills extend to heating up cans of soup and doing the dishes. My response, then, is to avoid potlucks altogether if I can possibly avoid them. But that might just be my inner introvert talking...

  2. Shane, when I'm stressed and a pot luck comes around, I get chips and salsa. People like it, and I don't stress :)

    Bardiac, was your colleague embarrassed when admitting that his wife made the hot dip? (And I love those...) But how nice that the retirees came, and brought things!

  3. My department's pretty good about having a fair share of vegetarian options. There are enough vegetarians to bring some, and enough other people who will make vegetarian options because they have some good recipes. It usually works out pretty well.

    I don't think he was too embarrassed.

    I took cookies, myself. Oatmeal raisin, vegetian, though not vegan. And pretty popular.