Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Visiting Canyons, Pt 3

We left the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and went to the main part of Zion.  The big difference in this part of Zion compared with what we saw at Bryce and the Grand Canyon is that we were in the canyon itself, rather than above on a rim looking down.  That's a huge difference.  (Though we did go to the upper part of the Grand Canyon on a raft.)

My Mom and I took a shuttle around, and the next morning went up to the end of the shuttle ride, and did the first part of the "Riverside Walk."  (The second part, the part where you walk in the river and go through the narrows, we didn't do.)

We did get to see a Mule Deer buck in velvet!  Isn't he beautiful?  (I took this with a 400mm zoom, so he's not quite as close as he may seem.)

Where the Riverside Trail ends and the narrows begin, folks have done some stone/rock piling.  Way cool!

I saw my first black-headed grosbeak!

Then we went on to Weeping Rock, which is this overhang place where the aquifer basically seeps out of the rocks, making it slightly damp all the time.  Since it was drizzling lightly at this point, it was actually dryer under the weeping rock than not.

And that ends my visit to Zion Canyon.

I highly recommend it!  And Bryce!  And the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

If you've got a hankering to go on a guided tour of places, I'd recommend looking into National Geographic and/or Backroads.  Both were great to deal with.

Later, on to other stuff!

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