Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not Quite Christmas

I'm trying to make a scrapbook for my Mom about the vacation we took.  It's taking forever, and NOT my favorite thing.  In fact, by the time I finish, I will have spent almost as much time doing the book as we spent away.  That's a slight exagerration, but only slight.

First, there was the choosing out pictures to have printed.

Then, I had to put the pictures in order.  I put them in little envelopes by day/activity, so that I wouldn't have to deal with a whole stack at a time.  But I also had to write the picture number on the back of each one, so that I could figure them out, and that took a LOT of time.  For some reason, the aiming store photo service gave them to me way out of order.

Then I emailed our former admin assistant, who's an avid scrapbooker, and also kind enough that I knew she'd advise me.  She did way more than that!  She met me at a local crafts shop and showed me the basics, and helped me choose out how to get started.   Thank goodness for her help!

Here are things laid out, almost ready to go.  And until I finish, I won't be able to use my desk for anything else much.  Stupid me.

I spent from about 2-8 Sunday afternoon/evening working on it.  And a couple of hours yesterday.  And now I've just started day four of the trip.  That means two and a half FULL days to go.

I'd have been fine with doing the first couple of pages and being done.  But at this point, I want it to be done more than I want to be doing it, so it's not that fun.  I have (I think) 29 pages done, and had to buy more supplies today so that I have enough plastic sleeves to put the rest in.

If I can power through for a few hours over the next couple of days, it will get done.  Please.


  1. Oh lord -- I feel your pain. I hate doing stuff like this. I'm sure that I will be pissed at myself when my kids are older and I don't have tons of picture books of them from over the years, but ugh -- I just can't justify doing these things.

    That said, it's very sweet of you to take the time and put forth the effort for your mom. I'm wondering if my kids will even care about picture books since they are so digitally invested in things. (Pictures are things that are kept on iPhones and computers -- not in books.) For my generation and older, though, I think that the picture book is quite lovely, even if I hate putting them together. I'm sure your mom will love it!

  2. I keep thinking I should help my mum sort out her lifetime's worth of photos, but this is why the very idea of it makes me kind of anxious. But your mum will love this when it's done!

  3. Oh, I feel you. This always sounds like a good idea at the start and then you get into it.

    The fact that there are scrapbooking stores, classes, and even debates about techniques and styles, seems just hilarious to me.

  4. Fie, I think we forget how much we lose when we keep things electronically and change systems, or simply don't access them easily.

    Bavardess, A few years ago, my Mom went through all the old family photos and made separate books for my brother and I. The photos give names, which is especially great for people who were dead before I was born, but also for people I barely remember. And it's so cool to see a picture of my grandmother when she was young and had this wonderful smile.

    Victoria, I know! I get the stores (or at least sections in crafts stores), but debates? Blah. Just do what pleases you!

  5. Wow -- major daughter-points for this project! Good luck finishing up; I'm sure your mom will appreciate it.

  6. I just got back from mailing the packqage. I wrapped it in Christmas wrapping, but with a sticker on it to open it right away. :)

    I hope she likes it. (I'm pretty sure she will.)