Monday, July 02, 2012

Discomfort and Crankiness

I'm working with someone on a big project, but am not the primary author at all.  Still, as we pass the project along to reviewers, I'm feeling a distinct lack of confidence.  I've given the primary author feedback, but I'm really not happy with what's been forwarded to the reviewers. 

It's an odd position, this, for me.  I don't have the power to totally change the project, but I feel like our reviewers will lose respect for me based on what's being turned in.  I have reasons for letting it go forward while less than satisfied, but I also have real doubts about my judgment about letting it go forward.

In reality, it doesn't have to be "perfect" (and it won't be), just "good enough."  But it's on the edge of even "good enough" for me, and I'm uncomfortable about the whole thing.

And I'm cranky that I've put in so much time this summer on something I'm not satisfied with.  I wish I could say "never again," but there are so many complicating factors that I really don't have any control over.


  1. Ugh, that sucks. Is it an internal school project or an external project? I don't know why I think it would seem better as an internal project, but somehow I do; maybe because your audience will know the various players and maybe realize that the quality isn't really your fault?

  2. It's internal, and you're right, that does reassure me somewhat. Thanks!