Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sometimes I Have to Laugh

Did you hear last week about our Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy who was complaining to constituents about how hard it is to live on his measly $174,000 congressional salary? (The link is to the Washington Post site.)

I bet you're feeling really sorry for him, aren't you? Well, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website has just the thing for you! An app thingy to send a sympathy card! And you can personalize it!

And although the congressman doesn't belong to a union of congresspersons (so far as I know, but I don't think he's legally prevented from joining a union), he does get to vote on his salary and benefits. And you can bet they 1) haven't been cut by ~9% this year, and 2) pretty much last for life. (And I wouldn't need a union if I got to vote on my salary and benefits. I bet that goes for most of us.)

That sucking at the public teat? Yeah, that.

I think that any politician arguing for a x% paycut for other public servants should take that cut him/herself first. But I think $174K isn't hugely out of line. Remember, most congressional politicians have to maintain two households and such. But it's really crass to whine about it.

Edited to Add: You know what your typical Republican response is to a young woman (especially if she's black) needing help because she's got a baby and it's expensive, right? Be more "responsible." Don't have sex.

Congressman, no one made you have six kids. Pull up your big boy pants and quit whining.

And don't you DARE vote against providing women with access to birth control and abortions, because if you think you're having a tough time, then you don't know what a tough time is.

Finally, you're a parent. That means you actually have a responsibility to care about your children. What do you think they're thinking when they read you complaining about them like this? Do you really think it's THEIR fault that you struggle on your paycheck?

You, sir, suck at being a dad.


  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    But Bardiac! Professors all make six figure salaries! And only work 9 months a year! And only work like 9 hours a week during that 0 months of the year!

  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    er, that last 0 is supposed to be a 9 - clearly professors can't even comment on blogs responsibly!

  3. Yeah, you know the whole "maintaining 2 households" argument would hold more water if congressmen like Duffy were actually maintaining 2 households. Instead, he's living in his office, like many other freshman reps. So his complaints are not only crass, but disingenuous, to say the least.

  4. I actually considered going into politics at one point because I love politics and history, etc. My own pride got in the way, though -- I didn't want everyone to hate me. And the reason why I say that is because I hate pretty much all politicians, even though I find politics fascinating. Anyway, I figured I didn't need any more help with self-loathing and went to grad school instead. The joke was on me. Thankfully, there's a happy ending to my story. I sincerely hope there will be for Wisconsin, too.

  5. @ReassignedTime: doh, I'm missing a zero!!

    @Dr. Four Eyes: I think it would be a lot healthier (in oh so many ways) for congressment to maintain a place to get a really good night's sleep and to eat good food and to have their families spend time with them. I wonder how long the folks who've bragged up living in their offices will keep it up? (I've lived in a boarding house, and while I imagine it's a whole lot more comfortable than an office, I can't imagine living in an office. But maybe their offices are way more comfortable than I think?)

    @Fie: Yes, I think you'd have to develop really tough skin to be in politics, even more than in academics.