Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was responsible for presenting some student awards today. It was a small thing, and I tried to do a good job, but it wasn't as perfect as it might have been.

A retired prof was there for officialdom reasons, and let me know that I did a lousy job.


Yes, I just met this person, and she needed to criticize my awards-giving. I know I'm not the best at such things, but after a long and busy week, I really, really did not need some person I've just met to come up and criticize me.


And the week isn't over.

(We've had this big activities week here; my students were responsible for nine activities, which meant I went to all of their stuff. And I went to other stuff, and I participated in another thing. I think it went well. Some of the stuff my students did was beyond cool.)


  1. Ha! What a ridiculous person! She sounds a lot like my DH's grandma... who reminds me of random older ladies I meet at the airport... always criticizing, never truly happy.

    I'm sure you did a great job presenting. My response would always be, "Ah, well, thank you for volunteering to do this service next time. I'm sure you'll do a much better job." No reason to sacrifice yourself and your time if people aren't going to appreciate it. Ridiculous.

    Hope the rest of your week is better! Hatepril is almost over.

  2. Geez louise! How about just "thanks for being here for the students" and leaving it at that.