Sunday, January 23, 2011

Syllabus Done? Check

I've finished both syllabuses/syllabi (? I've heard people way smarter than I argue for one or the other. I generally make an effort to not have to say the plural.)

I still have to get them printed off and copied in the morning, but I'm happy with both of them. They both have a good balance of assignments, with different things to give people with different strengths opportunities to do well. I like the assignments pretty well, and I think they're moderately painful to plagiarize, too, and that's a good thing.

Tomorrow, the start of a new semester. Wish us all good learning and good luck!


  1. I prefer syllabi but you can always get away with "course manual" if you want to avoid either commitment.

    Good learning!

  2. Have a good semester! Here at Impossible Comp program, methinks it's going to be a slog. I currently have 17 students -- 15 of them men -- and they'll all be writing 10-page papers every two weeks.

    Wow, I need a different job.

  3. I'm with Janice on syllabi. That's what comes of studying Latin, I guess!

    Good learning to your students, and good students to you!

  4. On the syllabus thing, I go with syllabi. If you want to read what the linguists (and other commentators) have to say on this topic, there is a short post with more than 120 comments (!) at Language Log, one of my very favorite blogs.