Sunday, January 23, 2011


I just found out that the Assistant to the Headmaster has chosen a new deanling for certain stuffs, and I'm sort of in shock. And a lot of other folks are, too. The new deanling has a bad reputation for micromanaging and being secretive and controlling in previous administrative and semi-administrative positions. And now s/he's going full bore into administration.

There was no "if you're interested, apply for this interim deanling position." Nope, he found out that the previous person is leaving, and camped out at the AH's door, and voila, got the spot. He wants more money (I'm told), and administration is the way to go to get it.

We have this habit around here of filling "interim" positions that way, and shockingly enough, they always go to white men. I bet you're surprised. And then the interim positions either get stretched for a few years and then guess who is best qualified! Or the people get moved from one interim to another, and then, guess who is best qualified!

And so, I'm dismayed. The semester is about to begin, and we're going to have this petty, secretive micromanager in charge of certain stuffs.

It seems like the fort is in disarray, more than usual these days. And yet, mostly we'll muddle through.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Sheesh. That just seems so wrong.

    Sorry, Bardiac!

  2. White men? Really? I am SHOCKED!

  3. Something of the sort happened recently at our school too, about a year ago. It's done a lot of damage to morale here, to the point that I'm starting to think the department can't recover.

  4. And the micro-managers who have never been in the trenches..Ouch! :(