Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Here I am at the office. I've puttered a bit, cleaned up stuff and put books from last semester back in place (I keep the books I'm using for classes in a given semester on one shelf, and then reshelve them in their proper place eventually). I saw two delightful students today, both were grateful to get the help I could give them.

I've just about finished the reading calendar stuff for one of my courses, and took care of a bunch of email stuff.

And all in all, it's quite relaxing to know nothing HAS to be done this minute, and that if I spend an extra ten minutes, I still won't be late for class.

I'm in the middle of three books: one on early modern history of Europe (it's an overview sort of book, but puts things together pretty well), one's the Mary Oliver book Dr. Crazy recommended, and one's a Sherman Alexie book. I shouldn't do this to myself!

And now I'm off to go change out of sweats so I can take a friend out for a belated birthday dinner. Mmmm, food!

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  1. Puttering can restore your soul in some essential ways -- it lets you find balance again after being tugged and torn all last semester.

    I spent several hours this afternoon working on the first of my sabbatical projects: a conference paper for this summer's Berks. Already I've added 13 sources to my bibliography, ordered six of them on ILL and read four of them. It feels good!