Monday, June 07, 2010

Yard Weirdness

Any ideas what that might be? It's in my yard, a few delicate looking plants. I weeded around them, because they're lovely. But if they're really Weedus horribilus, then I'll pull them.

Earlier today, I saw a Bluejay sitting on the railing, beak a bit open, scrunched down, wing half open.

And a bit later, I saw this little Downy Woodpecker doing basically the same thing. (The photo quality is lousy because it's taken at behind a double-paned glass.)

Then it started preening vigorously, and spread a bit again. My best guess is that it's a post-bath warming/preening in a spot where they can see a lot around? (But the deck bit wasn't wet or even damp after, and the bird water I have out wasn't splashed around.

ps. Welcome back, Blogger!


  1. That's a bellflower. They're beautiful, and I bought mine at a nursery. They are very good about seeding themselves, so yours probably came from a neighbor's flowerbed.

  2. I was going to say bellflower. They are lovely...