Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some Things Don't Make Sense

I've been setting up the course things for our on-line course system. I use this in a pretty limited way, generally to make copies of the syllabus and calendar available (in case someone loses his/hers) and putting up pdfs of special readings.

If you use the same pdf or other document from one semester to the next, you can transfer it. I tried that one time, and it didn't work at all. Then another time, I got one of the tech folks to walk me through it, and it worked. And this time, I did it myself. The transfer thing isn't intuitive at all, but I remembered enough from being walked through in the fall, so that was good.

I have access to my campus drive from home through a special thing that the campus computer wizzes helped me set up. (We have very helpful campus computer folks, for sure.) And I have all the syllabus and calendar files stored on the campus drive, since that's what I save things to on my work computer.

A little while ago, setting up the course things, I tried to upload the basic document files from the campus drive to the on-line delivery system. It seemed to download okay, but when I tried to open it, the computer gave me an error message saying it's unreadable. It's done this before, and I don't know why.

So I went in, saved the exact same file to my laptop hard drive, and uploaded the file from my hard drive to the on-line delivery system. And then I tested it, and it opened just fine.

I don't get why downloading one way would cause some weird unreadablity, and downloading twice would solve that. There must be a logical computer explanation, though.

But now everything's up and ready for Monday!

That's tomorrow. Wow, it's already here, isn't it?

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