Tuesday, January 05, 2010


After starting with Goodwill packing, I decided to do a couple more projects today. I called and found a place that will digitize slides. As you can tell from the picture, I have a goodly number of slides, mostly from my Peace Corps days. (If you click on the picture, you can see a picture of the Maroon-tailed conure I lived with and the house we lived in, along with another volunteer, a dog, and a cat.)

I sorted through and chose some to have digitized, 83 in total, and a few photos as well (the piles on the right are the slides I've chosen to digitize). I'm really excited and will be posting some of these for fun.

I'd been thinking about doing this for a few years now, but was worried that the slides would have degraded badly. They seem to be in pretty good shape, though.


I moved the furniture in my bedroom around; I liked the way it was except that the dresser was in front of the heating vent, so the room was always way colder (in winter). I've got things arranged so there's nothing in front of the vent now, and I'm hoping that will make things a little more pleasant in there.


I finished Kingsolver's The Lacuna. The final 50 pages were the best, though the rest of the novel was really good. The final 50 pages bring things together beautifully and horrifically (the red scare thing) and wonderfully. I'm going to be recommending this one! Consider yourselves warned.

Next up: last year, my friend/colleague leng me Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water, and that's next up for me. I started it but got caught up in other things, so didn't get far. But now's the time.


  1. Ok, Lacuna is on my list, and you will love Green Grass! It's quite funny!

  2. I'm adding Lacuna to my list too. I have a lot of time on my hands for fun reading, and I am aching for good books (that I don't have to teach). Although, as my blogging this evening demonstrates, I am nearly incapable of reading a book, even for fun, without criticizing it heavily. (Not that that's a bad thing, but some people think I'm impossible to please...)

  3. my copy of lacuna arrived yesterday, and it is next up for me.

    we have gerbillions of photos from the pre-digital ages, which i should locate, sort and have scanned.

  4. Lacuna is sitting on my bookshelf right now. I have to finish two others before I can get to it. Oh Bother!