Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seven Things Meme

The Wayward Classicist tagged me for a meme. The idea is that we talk about seven things we haven't previously talked about in this venue.

1) Recently, one of my friends asked me which bar in town would be "my bar" if I had one, but I couldn't name one that I didn't know primarily because students get in trouble there or I pass it on the road. (My favorite name is one on the other side of town, near what used to be the edge of town, on what used to be a highway leading out of town, the "Last Chance." Our boundaries and highways have changed.)

2) I went snowshoing at a state park the other day, and there was a ranger doing the state park trail pass thing. She recognized me. So while I don't have a regular bar, I do, apparently, have a regular ranger. (I should have asked her name! She works the bike path sometimes during the summer.) I also have a new trail pass for the year.

3) I'm also recognized and treated like a regular at the blood donation center and the local food co-op.

4) I just got a new kitchen rug! My old one was fraying and worn, and looked like heck. The new one is softer, and has a red pattern. I chose red over blue because I figured I'm more likely to spill red than blue food. (The floor is cold and very hard tile, so a rug makes winter a tad more tolerable.)

5) I got the rug as part of my big redecoration thing. I also got two floor lamps, one for the living room, which is otherwise too dim to read in at night, and one for my office. My redecoration desire is totally done, and I still have to put together the two lamps.

6) The redecoration project started because I'm hosting a party this week. I'm both happy and nervous, but mostly happy for the reason (which has nothing to do with me at all). I'm nervous because I need to clean and host and all.

7) I came to campus to get work done, but instead I'm doing a blog post.

So, seven of you self-select and write your own seven things, please!

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  1. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Have a fun party, Bardiac! I played along at my place (http://annieem.wordpress.com/)

    So, is your trail pass to park at the trailheads or to actually USE the trails (or both?). We have day use passes as well as annual ones: I'm set for this year (now if only it would snow!).