Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Hate Winter

As you read this, you'll know exactly what a petty, self-centered so and so I am.

When I got home today, I got a form note from the postal delivery person (it's not an actual postal worker, because our mail is delivered by an independent contractor who drives a regular car around while he sits on the wrong side and drives half-assed) saying that my mail box wasn't accessible, and if I didn't fix it, they wouldn't deliver the mail any more.

The last time the city plow came through, it left a heavy berm of solid ice in the drive and along the road, a couple feet from the curb. (The mailbox top is even with the curb and chest high on me when I stand on the street in summer.)

So I spent about an hour and a half with my metal gardening shovel, trying to break the ice away, and then the show shovel and hands to move the chunks of ice off the road.

I don't know if it's adequate. You can see that I dug back about two feet and down about two feet, and about 12 feet long. (The box part is chest high when I stand on the street in the summer to get my mail.)

If it's not adequate, then the postal delivery person won't deliver mail to my house, and I'll have to go to the post office to pick it up. That's not actually so bad. I live in a small enough town that there's hardly ever much of a line at the post office. And I don't get much important mail, so it's not like I need daily mail.


  1. Yikes. That some snow.

    How is it your town has sub-contracted your mail delivery? They can do that?

    Our mail person is a saint, who walks our packages up to the door even though she doesn't have to and, when our mean little dog got out and attacked her (he weighs 12 pounds) just laughed and told us not to worry, it happens all the time.

  2. Hmm, I guess I don't know. But they drive unmarked cars, and don't wear uniforms.

    The driving is seriously scary. They sit on the right side, and have one foot over and their left hand, to drive, and then do the deliveries out the right window.

    Where I used to live, my mail carrier was a gem. I had my big old lab, and the lab thought the mail carrier was the BEST part of the day, because when we were outside, the mail carrier would give him a treat. I swear my dog would have walked his rounds with him.

  3. Ok, Bardiac, you're making me feel like I live in a real city now....

  4. Winter does suck.

    Our mail people, who are the actual government employees, also won't deliver mail if we don't shovel our sidewalks. I will spend hours shoveling and then those plows come and throw all that ice and snow right back up. I hate winter. I feel for you.

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