Monday, November 16, 2009

Those Stepping Stone Assignments

I think a lot of us who teach writing in various forms have developed stepping stone assignments along the path for bigger essays. For example, we might require a research question(s), bibliography, annotated bibliography, response to an essay, abstract, draft(s), and so on.

In theory, these are a great idea. They do help students avoid procrastination at least somewhat.

But when they all pile on my desk, even if I just need to take a quick look and put a checkmark, they really add up.



  1. Ugh. My sympathies.

  2. I right there with you -- the are so good pedagogically -- and so terrible grading-wise. Hard to find the middle ground.

  3. I like grading the giant piles of check work during the exposition parts of Stargate and other action shows on Hulu. Grading during TV keeps me from reading the whole thing or commenting. But OMG, no matter what we do the grading never ends. The next time my VP passes me in the hall and says "hi, how are you," I'm saying "drowning in Freshman comp papers, want some?"