Saturday, November 28, 2009

Really the News?

The network evening news opened tonight with a story about a golfer's car accident (no fatalities, a few thousand dollars of damage) and the couple who went to the state dinner without an invitation.

Seriously, folks, those are the lead stories? We have our priorities totally out of whack, don't we? Does anyone really care about the golfer's car or whatever? Or is this yet more evidence that I'm totally out of step with the broader culture?

The St. Petersburg train accident came in third.


  1. there was a train accident?

  2. You're right on both counts. Our priorities are seriously out of whack, and you are out of step with the broader culture. I suspect most of your readers are...

  3. Worse, the story about the golfer's car made the headlines here, on the other side of the world. Had the train crash been in western Europe, I bet it would have been the lead item.

  4. I bet the fact that Australia has gone batshit crazy over greenhouse emissions legislation didn't even make the news, either, huh?

    (Honestly, if it didn't, look it up. It is seriously weird. The government proposed legislation. The opposition agreed to it. Then half the opposition party changed their minds and deposed their leader in order to block the legislation. Today they voted for a new leader and Abbott, the guy who everyone agreed was LEAST likely to win is now leader of the opposition. (I saw a Twitter post: "Liberal hipster faction forgets that ironic votes for Abbott still count.") All this means Australia will probably be having a sudden general election. FREAKY.)