Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Meeting of Musical Minds

There used to be an old TV show where the host (Steve Allen?) would have guests on pretending to be famous people sitting around discussing whatever.

I want to invite Tom Lehrer and Arlo Guthrie to a den with a piano, acoustic guitar, and a tape recorder.

Better yet, if I could invite them in their early 1070s incarnations.


  1. oh, that sounds so excellent!

    that sounds very like steve allen. he was musical, intellectually curious, and had a sense of humor.

    [his son was in my 6th grade class; they had us all over for a graduation party, and mr. allen cooked us all burgers. on a BBQ made of bricks, not one of those things that looks like an alien spaceship.]

  2. I loved to watch that show and I'd love to watch your musical take on that. Or even, you know, come to the den and hang out!