Friday, November 20, 2009

Another One Clicks the Mouse

I finally broke down and joined facebook. I searched for one of my aunts, and used her friends to ask some other people to be friends; then I did the same with a couple friends.

I was feeling far from family and college friends out here, so I did it.

About the first news I got was that my cousin is recovering. From what, I wondered, so I dropped my Cous' a line, and learned that Cous' is recovering from a heart attack. A HEART ATTACK. My cousin. My cousin who's a few months older than I am and way nicer. So I'm sort of freaked out. This is one of those cousins who's just a really good person, kind, thoughtful, caring, smart, funny, fun. A heart attack. I'm glad Cous' is already recovering, or I'd be worried sick.

I wonder if my Mom knows or would remember to tell me if she found out.

On the happier side, now I've gotten friend thingies from some of my college pals, and it's so good to see their pictures and just see how they're doing. I've been scrolling back a bit to catch up.

When did we all go so gray?

It's sort of weird to put together this friends list thing from different parts of my life. There are the family folks. I have enough cousins to make plenty of friends. There are college folks. Some of the college folks know some family folks. And grad school folks. Then there are gaming folks; it's funny to add them because I tend to think of them as their avatar names.

I haven't friended any work folks yet. Nor have I looked for students. I'm thinking I'll keep my facebook pretty basic, and any students who want to friend me, fine. They'll look at my page for half a minute and be bored.

I'm guessing people who just start a facebook thing mostly go through this, but I'm at the stage where you stare at the screen and hope someone will appear to chat.

I feel totally clumsy about figuring out facebook. I'm grateful that I haven't drowned in Surefall or fallen off Kelethin to my death. But it has that same feel of total newness in a weird way.


  1. We all feel clumsy about facebook at first. It's bizarre and confusing. But then: it is addictive and so fun. :)

    So sorry to hear your scary news, though!

  2. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Well, Bardiac, welcome to FB! It's definitely different than blogging, in a good way.


  3. I still can't figure FaceBook out. One of my ex-students keeps promising to teach me.

  4. I like the way that different sectors of my life merge and start talking to each other in the comment section of status updates.

    I refuse to friend current students. FB is the only place I have to complain about student writing without being caught.

  5. I keep up with my family through Facebook, which is the main reason I'm on it. It says something about communication in my family that that's the way it is, but Facebook is definitely better than phone calls we won't ever make.

  6. Welcome to FB. FB is where I'm connected to a bunch of my cousins who I never see. Also to friends from junior high school; a few college friends, and a variety of colleagues, a few of whom I've never even met.

    I'm in a pretty isolated place, and FB has been a nice way of feeling connected. One of my colleagues commented that of her FB friends, those of us teaching out here were among the more active commenters.

    I don't post a lot about myself, partly because of the varied audience. But I do post pictures from my morning walks on a pretty regular basis... It's kind of nice.