Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Mom Would be Proud

The party thing went well. The weather cooperated, too, so lots of folks hung out on the deck, which is really the primo area of the whole house.

One of my friends cracked me up: she said that someone had spilled some water on the tile (the kitchen, dining, and sunroom area are all tiled, as is the entrance area), and she'd cleaned it up with a paper napkin, and then was so impressed that there was only water on the napkin, no dirt. Because who, really, gets a floor that clean? Apparently, in obsessive mode, I do.

And now I probably won't clean again until just before Thanksgiving.

Everything was cleaned up nicely before the last folks left (the caterers did most of the clean up, but a couple folks helped me move chairs back and such).

Does it seem like people drink a lot less alcohol than they used to at parties? We had beer and wine, and water, soft drinks (pop if you're from around here). Lots of drinking, but more water than anything else.

Maybe we're just all getting old? Or we're very conscious that it's a work party, or that we'll be driving home? I'm not complaining, just noticing.


  1. Anonymous12:54 PM

    "Does it seem like people drink a lot less alcohol than they used to at parties?"

    Yes. Maybe Facebook photos are the culprit? Or maybe we are getting healthier? wiser? (When I have a smaller, select group of colleagues over, there's much drinking than when I invite the masses;-)

    Glad it went well: you've inspired me to at least think about hosting a dept gathering (it's been a few years)...

  2. I had a birthday party for myself in the spring (a no-kid party), and most people drank water. I had wine and beer, but it was a midday party, so maybe they just didn't feel like drinking before 5 p.m. Who knows? We aren't big drinkers, so it took months for us to get rid of all of it. (Didn't help that I got pregnant immediately afterward, so I couldn't drink anything.)

    At my son's birthday party in February, we had soda, juice and water, and we were left with tons of soda and juice then, too. Water, water, water -- that's all people drink here. Still, I feel pressured to offer options. Maybe I should just get sparkling water and regular water for the next big bash we have. It may be cheaper that way and we wouldn't have a cooler full of sodas that we'll never drink in our garage for months.

  3. I've noticed this too. I think it might be the partly growing up thing (we all drank a lot more in our 20s!) and partly it's not cool to drink these days. Water & fitness have moved in. Which is good, yeah, I suppose. I do like my rum!