Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Everyman: the Board Game

If Milton Bradley were a medieval company, they'd never have called it "The Game of Life." Instead of a car marker, you'd use different pilgrim's symbols, a sea shell for St. James Compostela, a key for Rome, a cross for Jerusalem.

Instead of going to college or getting married, you'd meet up and see how long Fellowship stuck around; then you'd see how long your worldly goods helped. And there'd be progressively less explanation, because by the end of the game, you either get it or you're going down. You could have a fiery pit going for anyone who didn't "win" and watch their little symbol burn to a crisp!

Maybe we could make it into a mmrpg! WOW watch out! Think of the fun. Think of the quests.

You'd go up to the old looking dude with the red exclamation point over his head at the beginning of the game, and off you'd go. We could even have the protestant version with a Spenser zone, where you slay the printing press dragon and beat Orgoglio, and then face off with the Blatant Beast!

I need to get a life.


  1. No, you need to create this game--it sounds great!

  2. I'm with undine. What fun!

  3. richard10:47 AM

    This would be a blast! There are a lot of games out there that have historical themes, but they're almost always shoot-em-ups or some other conquest game. How about one that is a search for meaning?

    Winner gets transcendence!

  4. Undine totally stole my comment! Make the game--I'll play!

  5. I would totally play that game, too! I've always kinda wanted to give The Mansion of Happiness a try.