Sunday, September 13, 2009


That's the grand total of miles my bikejournal journal shows for the year.

For perspective, the Tour de France guys ride further in about three weeks. They also ride a heck of a lot faster. But lest anyone get confused, I'm not a twenty something male in absolutely tip-top shape who gets paid to ride a bike. And they're not a forty something female in pretty okay shape who gets paid to teach English and stuff.

UNLESS, of course, this whole blog is a bluff and I'm really secretly Alberto Contador, dancing on my pedals and pretending to worry my head about pedagogy and Shakespeare (not in that order).


  1. Well, that's a possibility I had never considered -- but now it will never be far from my mind when I read your commentary on teaching and scholarship. Maybe this is how Alberto Contador blows off steam? Why not?

  2. I'm enjoying the idea of Alberto Contador thinking about academic politics, teaching composition, and Shakespeare as a distraction from the Tour.

    I am sure you are more concerned with your biking than he is about the life of hte university.

  3. Congratulations! That's a great milestone.

  4. The Bittersweet Girl, Yes, and let's pretend I have as little body fat as he does!

    Susan, You may be right, but secretly, he may be a soon-to-be-famous scholar of modern Spanish lit!

    Dorothy W, Thanks :)

  5. Nice try, but I worked out awhile ago that you're really Frank Schleck.