Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Looking Ahead

I got a note from a Person with Some Power today, inviting me to participate in a workshop. It should be interesting, and a good learning experience. And it's one of those workshops that's trying to make things better. I'm sort of excited in that jaded way.

Earlier in the summer, I got a letter thanking me for accepting a task. It was the first I'd heard about my role in doing the task, and while I couldn't really get out of it if I wanted to, I was amused that the letter pretended that I had actually had a choice. This is a fairly important task, and I'm going to have to work hard to do a good job.

And, in between the two, I got a summons for jury duty, starting the week after school starts. It says to write a letter about a deferral, so I'll ask to be deferred until late December or early January.

It's shaping up to be a busy year, but in a good way. I'm excited about signing up for SAA, too. Anyone else planning to go? I'm thinking about a workshop.

In other news:

Playing with my niece and nephew reminded me that you can never have too many Legos. The Legos box says that they're for ages 4-9. I can see the 4 thing, since littler kids might try to snack or teethe on the Legos. But the 9 thing? Totally and completely wrong. I am living proof. By the way, you should see the cool house I built! (I saved it out instead of breaking it up already when we put them away.)

I fell on my bike today because I clicked out of the left side to stop and then (but not politically) leaned right. I was riding with the evening group, and once again had reason to really appreciate these people. They made sure I was okay, and then helped me check the shifting and derailer on the bike. Happily, both the bike and I are fine. Also, I'm jealous of the legs on some of the women in this group; there's a woman in her 70s, and her legs are just pure muscle.

I'm taking care of my sib's family's dog. She's a sweet dog, easy going, quiet. She's also 15 or 16, and takes several pills a day. I used to mush my dog's pain medicine in peanut butter, but this dog is smart enough to lick off the peanut butter. There's a new product though, like a chicken smell/flavored dough, that you put pills in. She REALLY looks forward to taking her pills now. But taking care of her reminds me how worrisome caring for an older dog can be, and how slow our walks are.

I'm also watching a friend's cats (they're staying at the friend's house, not with me, unlike the dog). So I'm getting lots of pet attention. It's nice. (These cats are considerably more social than most. I sit down, and one is immediately next to me, purring up a storm. The other will come by for pets, and settle nearby, coming close when she feels the need or gets a little jealous.)


  1. I love legos! And Lincoln Logs, too! Those boxes should say ages 4 and up. I get the lower limits for the same reason you mentioned, but

    I've never really liked the idea of labeling things for a certain age group. This really bothers me with books, because I think it can give people (kids, especially) the idea that they can't/shouldn't read certain books once they hit a certain age. Heaven forbid an 11 year old read a book labeled for 7-10 year olds.

  2. I love the description, "sort of excited in that jaded sort of way." I feel like that all the time, and I suspect it's for the same kinds of events/reasons you're describing here.

    Sounds like you're getting lots of animal love these days...Have fun...

  3. Glad you're ok after that fall!

    And yes, Legos rock. Unexpected and I have a huge box of them for when the nieces and nephews visit. (Gee, maybe the kiddos should visit soon...)

  4. Ooh, I think I'm going to SAA, too! It'll be my first SAA experience, and I'm really excited.