Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bardiac's Wild Life

Every so often, I check the site meter thing, and today, lo and behold, someone found my blog by doing a google search for "good things to use while teepeeing." Teepee? No forks! And if you could just leave a note, maybe, rather than wasting all those trees?

I've been leaving a sliding glass door open so guest dog can go out on the deck and lounge around; she seems to like that a lot. The other day, I heard this weird noise, and somehow a barn swallow had come into the house and found it's way to the window in the sun room, a window with a seriously big screen that I can't just take off. So I opened up pretty much every door I could and encouraged it to go back into the room with the two big open doors. However, the ceiling in there is somewhat vaulted, and the bird kept aiming for up, hitting the vault, and then bouncing off, only to try again for up. Worse, it was looking stressed, and couldn't really pick up speed to fly at a good barn swallow speed. Finally, though, it got low enough that the open door looked good, and out it went. A few feet out, it kicked into gear and zoomed off. I hope it was okay after all.

Just a few minutes ago, I was petting the guest dog and found a HUGE, engorged tick on her ear. I hate ticks. I took it off; hope I got the whole thing, and flushed it. And now, of course, every little thing is making me feel itchy and worry that I've got ticks. Did I mention I hate ticks? Yeah. I used to have to detick my old dog pretty regularly, despite the anti-tick/flea once a month stuff. At least that seemed to make the ticks not want to really dig in. But yuck, I just hate ticks. (This wasn't a deer tick, I don't think... it was bigger than a coffee bean, a LOT bigger.) I feel like bathing with steel wool.

I ran into a friend in the department today (after I finished writing a couple letters of recommendation! Bardiac 1 for the day, procrastination 0), and got invited to join up for a gelato tasting excursion. Yum. And then a couple of us went out to a drive in for dinner. Also yum.

Did I mention I hate ticks?

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  1. Anonymous4:31 AM

    eeeek i hate ticks, too. seriously, insects that burrow into your flesh and fill up with blood...I shudder at the thought.